MGOCSM stands for Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement. It is the oldest Christian Student Movement Organization in India as its headquarters are in Devalokam, Kottayam, Kerala. The group was established in 1908 and officially in our church we have established it in 2011. Gatherings of worship, spirituality and studying in the form of meetings happen once to twice a month. We have these meetings to deepen our spiritual life in our orthodox faith, discuss what troubles and doubts we may have to develop our mind to become responsible, delegated citizens in our ever-changing world.

 As we have formulated our MGOCSM within the past year, we have become involved in volunteering with many organizations such as the Bissell Center and Hope Mission by participating in their food and clothing drives. As the years progress, we hope to fundraise to help those in need and to make our youth stronger and active within our church and our community.


Diya Philip

Regional Coordinator

Alyssa Varghese


Priyanka Vergis


Rishab Alex

Youth Representative